What is a Bitkin?

Bitkin are virtual characters who make their home on your Android device’s background screen. You can start collecting Bitkin by downloading Bitkin Live, a free Android app.

What do Bitkin do?

Bitkin are more than just collectibles, they have minds of their own. They explore the worlds you place them in and unlock their secrets. They interact with other Bitkin and even form relationships. There’s really no limit to what Bitkin can get up to once they’re roaming free on your background screen.

I want to get Bitkin Live, do I have to buy Bitkin to do that?

No, Bitkin Live is free and the latest set of Bitkin is free. As new sets are released you can enjoy them without ever buying a single Bitkin. The only time you’d pay for a Bitkin is when you’d like to have one from the Bitkin archive - that is, Bitkin who are no longer part of the current set.

How often are new Bitkin sets released?

Once Bitkin Live is out of beta there will be a new Bitkin set every few weeks. New worlds are released less frequently but are always free.

Some Bitkin have no price. How do I get them?

Most Bitkin are sold for $0.99, however there are some that can only be acquired through special means.

  1. Gifts. Some Bitkin can only be gifted. Send one to a friend - they make great gifts!
  2. Codes. Certain Bitkin can only be acquired via code. The codes show up online on forums and blog posts, in physical locations (for example at a restaurant where the Bitkin Company is doing a cross promotion), or as prizes.